Sleep is a Luxury 

In my house, sleep is definitely a luxury. I have four boys, ages of twelve, eight, seven, and three years old. Yes, all boys. Yes, extremely active. And Yes, terrible threes is the new terrible twos. Especially when it come to putting my three year to sleep at night. 

Giving you a little background on my three year old, Matt. He has tantrums that can easily turn into mini meltdowns, depending on his triggers. He does not, by any means, like to go to his own bed. I know, shocker, right. What 3 year old kid joyfully says,”Yeepee! It’s bedtime!” None of my kids. Well, that is unless he goes to bed with mommy.  Don’t get me wrong I love to snuggle up with him, but he is officially evicted out of the bed.


(Look familiar?)

Therefore, I am taking my pillow back and putting him in his own bed.  But I needed answers. Where do you go to get answers to all of your burning questions? YOUTUBE. I was determined to get answers. Then, SuperNanny pops up. Thinking…I know she must has the answers.  She deals with crazy kids behaviorally challenged children all of the time.

I stumbled upon SLEEP SEPARATION TECHNIQUE. It’s just has a few simple steps:

NOTE: This method is not for everyone.
  1. After putting your child to bed for the first time and they get up, remind them that it’s bedtime, lead them back to bed, kiss kiss, hug, hug. Then you sit in the room near the crib/bed faced sideways from your child.  This is to give your child a visual reminder that you are still there and they are safe.
  2. The next time he/she gets out of bed, you firmly remind them that it’s bedtime and a short kiss, hug. Then sit back in your same position until your child goes to sleep.
  3. The third time and any time after that, say nothing to your child, lead them back to bed, tuck them in, and return to your position until he or she falls asleep.

Now, it is not as easy as it sounds. The first time I did this with Matt, he got out of bed just as fast as I could get him in.  He is quick.  One time he hid under his bed to avoid being put back in his bed.  However, I was firm and consistent with him and he understood that getting in his bed for the night was his only option. Eventually, after a half hour, he was sound asleep and woke up well rested. I gave him a lot of hugs and kisses and praised him for sleeping in his bed all night long.

The next night was easy and less crying. Eventually, it will become an easy routine where he knows that he sleeps in his bed, not mommy and daddy’s bed.

Below is a clip of SuperNanny sleeping technique. Some of you may have different views and beliefs on how to put a toddler to sleep without crying-and that is okay.  I embrace the differences we all have.

NOTE: This method is not for everyone.

This method is not for every parent or every child.  You have to find out what works for you and your family.  My son, Matt, did cry. I wanted to put him back in my bed and make it all go away.  But, for him, its working so far.

If you have another method or have tried something similar to this, please leave a comment. I would love ANY suggestion. It only makes life easier when people share their experiences.








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