Where the Wild Things Are



Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is a children’s picture book about a boy named Max, who dresses up in a wolf costume and creates so much havoc in the house, that his parents sent him to bed without his dinner.  Max reminds me of my own boys–ages 12, 8, 7, and 3. They will run in the house, act like ninjas, all while wearing a superhero mask and cap.  No, I don’t sent them to bed without dinner but boy, have I thought about it.

So, the boy is sent to his room and he creates this alternate reality. He images his room has grown into a jungle where more “wild things” like him live. He intimidates the creatures and becomes the King of the Wild Things. Eventually, he gets lonely and goes back home where his supper is waiting for him.

I love the level of imagination in this book. I think it inspires us to imagine more and helps us realize that it is a “Wild Thing” in all of us.

Click on the link below and share this gift with your own children.



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